Broken Rail was founded by AJ and Rachel Vinsonhaler

Straight out of Lincoln, NE.

AJ started brewing his own Cold Brew Coffee out of their home while working for the railroad. They were both looking to get away from energy drinks for their daily caffeine boost and Cold Brew Coffee was a more natural alternative. When AJ was furloughed from the railroad they started to think about how they could turn their love for their home brewed coffee into something more that would also help pay the bills. They got into their local farmers market last summer and spent every Saturday together serving up their Cold Brew Coffee out of a Nitro Tap kegerator as well as making signature cold brew lattes.

“They quickly learned that their local community loved their cold brew coffee just as much as they did!”

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  • partners

To meet the customer demands

Throughout the market, Rachel and AJ started receiving inquires on where people could get their coffee during the week and then after the farmers market ended. To meet the demand of their customers, Broken Rail partnered with The Foundry Community, a local nonprofit coffee shop, in downtown Lincoln, NE and got their Nitro Cold Brew Coffee on tap! Since then, they have expanded to having their own production facility where AJ brews in large batch, kegs/cans, and distributes out of. Broken Rail currently partners with an array of different business including offices, coffee shops, grocery stores, gyms, and their local university.

They Made it work

The Vinsonhalers are driven to make this business work because it is something they both personally love and can’t get enough of! They also love that they can offer their community a product that is more natural to take the place of artificially sweetened energy drinks while still being delicious and full of caffeine.

“AJ and Rachel love that this is something they can do together and impact their community in a positive way”